Answers To Common Questions About Nose Surgery


If you’re not happy with how your nose looks, rinoplastia or cirugia de nariz may be worth investing in. Nasal reshaping can change the appearance of your nose in almost any way you please. It can address any concern about the size, length, width, tilt, symmetry, angle, and shape of the nose. A nose surgery can also be done for non-aesthetic reasons. Surgeries that address breathing problems instead of the appearance of your nose is referred to as functional rhinoplasty.

Kinds of rinoplastia or cirugia de naris procedures

Incisions for nasal surgeries can be done from the inside or externally, and these are called internal and external rhinoplasty, respectively. Internal rhinoplasty is more ideal for minor reconstructions while external rhinoplasty is more ideal for more drastic reshaping. Regardless of technique, general anesthesia will be used during the procedure.

Who can undergo cirugia de nariz procedures?

If the appearance of your nose is bothering you or if some defects make it difficult to breathe, you are a candidate for nasal surgery. However, it isn’t for everyone. As with any surgical procedure, you need to be at a certain level of physical health and fitness before you can undergo a rhinoplasty. A good level of health and fitness will also shorten your recovery time. The proper mindset is also an important requirement before getting this surgery, that is, your expectations should be reasonable.

Cuanto cuesta la operacion la nariz?

Unfortunately there is no one definite answer for the question: “Cuanto cuesta una rinoplastia?” How much you will pay for these procedures is contingent on the country where you will have this done and the surgeon who will perform the procedure. For instance, these procedures will cost twice as much in the UK than if it was done in Spain. Keep in mind though that cost is just one criterion when choosing where to have rhinoplasty or who will perform the procedure. Find a surgeon who has a number of successful rhinoplasty procedures so you have better likelihood of getting the nose you like. To know more about these surgeries, you can visit here.

What are the risks of nasal reshaping?

Even though complications and side effects are possible, they are quite rare. You can further reduce the risk by getting an experienced surgeon, maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, following doctor’s orders. Accidental perforation of the septum is another complication which can cause chronic epistaxis. Again, rhinoplasty is generally safe, and only 5% of patients have complications.