Abu Dhabi: Flawless Summer Tan with Phytomer


A great tan is the must-have accessory to look our best all year round. We all dream of having that perfect tan – a warm, even, healthy and radiant skin glow with long lasting effects. However, achieving this glow without suffering from the sun beds and UV rays’ harmful effects is not easy. That’s why precautious measurements need to be taken to ensure a healthy and glowing tan away from sun burn, dehydration, dark spots and wrinkles. PHYTOMER, the leading brand in Marine based cosmetics is now offering you the best pre, during and post sun exposure tips for a healthy and glowing summer tan.

The first step to a prolonged tan is exfoliating and moisturizing your skin one week prior to sun exposure. Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin cells build up to ensure an even tan. When we are exposed to the sun rays, the skin thickens itself and increases the melanin production as a natural defense mechanism. Exfoliation before sun exposure helps to avoid a more dehydrated skin than usual which could result in unwanted peeling.



Unfortunately in summer the sun always finds a way to dehydrate our skin no matter how much we try to protect it. That’s why Moisturizing is crucial prior to sun exposure to prolong a sun glow and prepare our skin for sun exposure. A well moisturized skin immediately looks more radiant and healthy than a dehydrated sun burned skin.

During sun exposure you should always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sun tanning and re-apply it regularly throughout the day especially after swimming or sweating. “We all know that Vitamin D production is essential to our health. It is also a known fact that with 20 minutes of exposure to sun a day our body can produce the required amount. Generally most of us will spend more than 20 minutes in the sun when we are “working” on our summer bodies. This extra time in the sun often results in our skin producing melanin which in turn is responsible for our tan” says Samantha Leigh Taylor, Product Educator at Beauty Leaders LLC, the regional distributor of PHYTOMER. “What we don’t know is when we expose our bodies to the sun for long continuous sessions, the UV rays can cause permanent damage in the structure of our skin resulting in wrinkles and areas of uneven pigmentation” – Samantha continues. Drinking a lot of water is also very essential during and after sun exposure to maintain internal body hydration as it is known that a well hydrated skin is more plump and radiant looking than a sun burned skin. It is also recommended not to tan between 11 am and 3 pm which are the hottest hours of the day and the sun’s rays are at their strongest stage. Wearing protective clothing like hats or sunglasses and sitting beneath the umbrella is an effective step to avoid constant direct sun exposure.

Sunbathing for long hours to get that perfect tan can often result in instant redness, wrinkles and freckles in the long run. That’s why it is highly recommended to continuously apply soothing and moisturizing creams to improve the skin’s condition and preserve its youthfulness. Another way to promote a glowing skin apart from creams and treatments is food. There are certain foods you can eat which help you get that perfect radiant and youthful looking glow. PHYTOMER expert says: “For a beautified tan, eat fruits and vegetables rich in carotene, such as carrots, tomatoes and apricots. To effectively combat free radicals and preserve the skin’s youthfulness, make sure your diet includes fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, such as avocados, spinach, beets, prunes, strawberries”.


PHYTOMER offers professional spa treatments and retail products that may help us achieve that glowing sun tan and protect our skin as well:

For perfect exfoliation:

–          PHYTOMER Satin Shimmer Crystal Salt Body Exfoliation spa treatment, a 45 minutes long treatment, includes a full body scrub using Toning Body Scrub followed by massage with Hydracontinue Moisturizing Body Milk or Massage Cream which leaves your skin renewed, radiant and ready for sun exposure!

–          PHYTOMER Toning Body Scrub (150 ml, AED 170.00) eliminates dead skin while at the same time leaving the skin ultra-soft and perfectly moisturized. It is also ideal to use it before waxing or tanning. The scrub should be used twice a week on damp or dry skin depending on the degree of sensitivity.

For Moisturizing:

–          PHYTOMER Oligomer Well-Being Strengthening Moisturizing Body Cream (150 ml, AED 160.00) is ideal for softening and moisturizing the skin and providing comfort to all skin types. It contains Oligomer, which is rich in trace elements, strengthens the skin and prevents cellular fatigue. It also contains Laminaria Digitata an algae known for its moisturizing properties.

–          For facial Moisturizing, Souffle Marin – Energizing Oxigenating serum (30 ml, AED 170.00) It will light up your complexion like a walk in the sea air! A real breath of fresh air, this serum contains active marine ingredients which neutralize harmful pollutants, enhance the skin’s natural defenses and help it to breathe – for a fresh complexion and toned skin.

For preserved skin youthfulness after sunbathing:

–          Sun Soother After-Sun Milk – Face & Body (250 ml, AED 150.00) is an intense soothing and moisturizing product. It will restructure the skins natural moisturizing function and at the same time repair and renew the skins elasticity with marine ingredients. This product is suitable for face and body.

–          Sun Soother After-Sun Mask – Face (50 ml, AED 140.00) This Phytomer product has been specifically designed for the face. Various forms of Lamiaria Digtata (algae) are used in the formulation of this product because it is known to be moisturizing and an anti-free radical ingredient that fights premature ageing caused by sun damage. The sun soother mask’s refreshing effect can be even more intensified if placed in the fridge before use.



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