2012 Fashion Tips For The Approaching Summer Season


This year is going faster than ever and its no surprise that people are already looking to find summer fashion tips for 2012. In this article I’ll give you some clues as to what will be hot this summer. I’ll also provide you with a few sample outfits that you can look into wearing.

I think pastel colors are going to be in style this spring and summer season. You’ll find that you can use pastel colored tops, bottoms, and jackets in lots of different styles.

Using Pastels With Color Blocking Techniques

Pastel colors can be color blocked just as easily as other colors. I’ve found that the best strategy is to only use color blocking with multiple pastel colored garments. Don’t wear a regular orange with a pastel colored brown or you run the risk of looking mismatched.

Most people find that even black pants can be seen as spring clothing when paired with bright pastel shirts. While women should normally avoid casual black clothing in the spring and summer, pastel can give it the playful look it needs to fit in with the warmer weather. Many of the sample sale websites for men will have great pastel outerwear that you can put over your pastel shirts, so don’t feel like you won’t be able to wear pastel jackets with your other pastel garments.

Looking for a bold look to wear this summer? Tribal print shirts in red and white are hot items that can really get you noticed. Pair them with a pair of blue jeans for a more relaxed look or a pair of black pants for a more semi-formal look. I like to go easy on the accessories, but you can’t go wrong with a gold bangle or a nice gold necklace.

As you know, floral patterns are always big in spring, but have you tried floral patterns with pastels. One great look that I’ve seen on a lot of the coolest fashion blog lately is the floral patterned shirts with a pastel colored shirt. This combines two spring looks without making you look too “busy”. There is no need for accessories with this outfit and your shoes should probably be in a muted color.

Here is an old-time favorite for you to wear this spring.Find your favorite pair of khaki pants and match them together with a spring-time colored shirt and a white cardigan. This gives off a nice fresh look that goes great with wedged heels. If you want to accessorize this outfit, you can’t go wrong with some nice pearls.

The nautical look is another favorite that comes back every summer. This outfit is created by pairing up a pair of navy blue pants and a striped shirt. You can make this a very bold look by wearing a white and red striped shirt with very wide stripes. The stripes should be worn horizontally, so stay away from this look if you are afraid that it might make you look too bulky.

Test a few of these outfits out at the store and buy the ones that look best on you.