Fashion Advice for Petite Women


Short women can wear any style they want. It’s just that they have to wear what’s best to work their wardrobe. Fashion always works with women, they have creative minds and they do not need to be rich to look great and fashionable. Below are 14 street smart personalised fashion advices from experts on how to streamline the looks of petite women.

1. Wear monochromatic colors. For example, a denim pants paired with navy blue sleeveless shirt.
2. Avoid horizontal patterns. Remember your goal: more height, lesser width! Diagonal stencils are acceptable.
3. An absolute rule, only wear fitted clothes!
4. Go for narrow belts. They work best with low-waist pants.
5. Because your goal is to look taller than you are, avoid bulky seeming such as putting so much stuffs in your pockets.
6. Pay attention to your “bottoms”, they must be striking in order to take attention away from the upper part of the body. For example, stay away from calf-length skirts; instead, wear skirts that are above the knee.
7. Skinny jeans work best with high heels.
8. Trim and hem your pants. They must have their ends at ankle levels.
9. Get straight cut jeans; flared pants will appear you shorter.
10. Wear heels at your comfort.
11. When culling for flat heels, choose pointed toes over round ones.
12. Do not carry huge, bulky handbags with you. It falls off your height perception.
13. A personalised fashion advice from experts, try out for red colored outfit. Red gives women a flattering shape because of its deeper hue.
14. Try matching clothes while considering your personality and comfort level.

My Greatest Personalised Fashion Advice

When making up your fashion look and style, your comfort is at most important. Trying and experimenting something new will always be a good idea but if you are not comfortable at it, all will be good for nothing and it will show right in your face! If you are a typical conservative chic, then do not pressure yourself from wearing deep-necked tops.

Fashion is not only about boosting your appearance but most importantly with concern on building your self-confidence and esteem. This is where basic fashion tips come into play. Every single individual, slim or fat, dark or fair must follow certain basic rules in order not to be a laughing stuff to others. For example, black men should not wear dark colors while, fat people should not wear baggy clothes.

Fashion is anywhere and people will always go with the trends, no matter what. Fashion is not fixed, it changes over time to bring new looks, style and make better personality to people. Remember that fashion is not only limited to outward self; along with hair style, make up and accessories, it is important to feel good and confident on what you wear.